What is KAR’s Pro:tégé Program?

The Pro:tégé Program offers dancers the incredible opportunity to travel, assist, and train with industry leading choreographers and master instructors on KAR’s National Convention Tour. Our unique Pro:tégé Program provides an immersive experience for dancers to grow their skills while gaining hands-on industry experience.

After attending our workshop and an audition, dancers are selected from every convention city on tour to be Pro:tégé Performers. These dancers become eligible to audition for the Elite Pro:tégé Program, an unforgettable, leveled up experience for your dancer (click for details)! Every step of the way, from the workshop, to the audition, to assisting on the convention tour, KAR Pro:tégés work with mentors who prepare them for successful professional dance careers.

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to work with sought after choreographers and creative directors like Nancy O’Meara, Alex Kessinger, and Tony Catalanotto! Learning from these award-winning, seasoned professionals is an unparalleled opportunity advantageous to any aspiring dancer. Dancers in this program will make invaluable connections with some of the industry’s biggest names, landing them in meetings with top agencies who represent artists like Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Nickelodeon just to name a few!


  • Assistant training on and off stage with the faculty
  • Lessons on leadership and what it takes to be a role model
  • Production team and behind the scenes training
  • Cutting edge choreography
  • Performance opportunities
  • Microphone training
  • Lunch with the KAR Convention Faculty
  • Build relationships and connections within the dance community

Plus Even More Benefits!

  • Content for social media, portfolios, and resumes
  • Learn injury prevention
  • Self-tape and audition education
  • Monthly Zoom meeting with our directors
  • Travel the country doing what you love!

* Opportunities in this list applicable to Elite Pro:tégés

To audition for our Pro:tégé Program, register today for the workshop/audition at a KAR Convention in a city near you! Along with receiving free tuition for one KAR Convention for the following season, Pro:tégé Performer Winners will receive discounted rates to the Hollywood Dance Experience 2023 in Anaheim, California. For all dancers pursuing a future in the industry, this opportunity is not to be missed!


New this year is our Pro:tégé Performer Audition for ages 8 and under! With a focus on fun AND education, this audition workshop is designed especially for young dancers. Learn about the professional audition process while having a blast dancing with your friends! Register today for this memorable class/audition filled with pure positivity and even some Disney surprises!


Pro:tégé Performer Workshop and Audition Only $40 - Register Today!

At KAR Convention, all dancers who are registered will participate in the Pro:tégé Performer Workshop and Audition. Dancers must audition by their age as of January 1, 2022. Dancers will learn a routine during the Workshop. During the audition, dancers will be grouped and the KAR Convention Faculty will evaluate. Faculty members will choose dancers in each of the following age groups: Petite (8 & Under), Junior (9-12), Teen (13-15), and Senior (16-19).

Winners who are selected as 2023 Pro:tégé Performers will be announced at the end of the Showcase!

Pro:tégé Performer Runners-up may continue to audition in other cities to become a Pro:tégé Performer Winner.

Pro:tégé Performer Winners Receive:

  • $1,000 Scholarship to 2023 Hollywood Dance Experience - July 17 - 20, 2023
  • One KAR Convention Tour Scholarship to be used at a KAR Convention during the 2022-2023 season
  • Exclusive Pro:tégé Performer T-Shirt
  • Opportunity to perform at 2023 KAR Nationals
  • Eligibility to become Elite Pro:tégé

Pro:tégé Performer Runners-Up Receive:

  • $300 scholarship to 2023 Hollywood Dance Experience
  • One KAR Convention Tour Scholarship to be used at a KAR Convention during the 2022-2023 season


Elite Pro:tégé dancers are selected at Hollywood Dance Experience (HDE) in Los Angeles and invited to assist any KAR Convention for an entire year (along with many other exciting benefits)! The selection criteria are based on technique, drive, style, attitude, and engagement. At HDE, all participants will go through a rigorous training program created by Nancy O'Meara. This program will include master classes, interviews, and assessments in all classes, with a keen eye on attitude and professionalism in and out of the classroom. Elite Pro:tégés will be announced at the 2023 Hollywood Dance Experience.

The opportunities gained in this once-in-a-lifetime program will create work experiences and performance opportunities for dancers who are on the road to a professional career. Elite Pro:tégés will have the privilege of traveling the country, training, and performing with our world-renowned faculty. There’s no better way than this to experience the industry’s premier program designed to mentor the next generation of elite dancers!

Elite Pro:tégés Receive:

  • Scholarship for one full calendar year to all KAR Conventions
  • Invitation to assist in all cities on KAR Convention tour for a full season
  • Complimentary KAR Apparel
  • Iconic Elite Pro:tégé Jacket
  • Free trip to “Elite Pro:tégé Weekend”, including headshots, welcome dinner, choreography, and private classes
  • Hotel arrangements and/or accommodations for at least 4 KAR Convention cities**

This expertly designed program is the best in the industry to mentor the next generation of elite dancers

* All Elite Pro:tégé Performer Winners must attend at least 4 cities, except Petite Winners, who must attend at least 1 city.
** 1-night hotel accommodations provided.

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The highlight of my weekend is workingwith the dancers in the Audition Workshop!
I love helping them toprepare for successful auditions!
- Michelle Richey, Faculty Member

2022 Pro:tégé Performers  

Amanda Aikens

Amanda Aikens from Long Island, NY started dancing at the age of 3 years old. Amanda started competing at the age of 5. She dances and competes in tap, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and tumbling. Amanda won Miss Teen dance for Car 2022 dance tour. In addition, she won Miss Teen for On Stage dance tour and was the top scoring for open routine. In total Amanda has competed in 4 competitions for the year, placing in first for 3 out of the 4. Her favorite style of dance is Jazz and hip-hop.

Helene Albert

Helene Albert is 18 years old from Connecticut. She has been dancing since she was 2 years old and competing since she was 6 years old. She has won numerous overall awards regionally and nationally. Currently she is training and competing with Apogee Dance Academy in Southington, CT. She trains in several styles of dance. Which are Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap, and more. Over the years Helene has been known as a team player and a strong role model in and out of the studio for her peers. Alongside competing, Helene has also been assisting with her studio for the past 7 years and has recently been teaching there for 2 years. Dance has always been apart of her life and she is loving her new journey venturing into teaching young dancers as they freshly start their journey. Helene is ecstatic to be a KAR Protégé and cannot wait for the year ahead of her!

Katie Albright

Katie Albright began dancing at the age of 2. Her competition career began on the KAR stage at age 4. She has earned 33 regional dance titles, is a five-time national solo champion and won the KAR Elite Miss Teen Dance America title in 2020. Katie trains in all styles of dance at The Element Dance Center in La Mesa, California where she has been on the competition team for the last 14 years. She is a proud member of the American Tap Company and competed twice at the IDO World Tap Championships in Germany (the Olympics of dance) where she earned 3 silver medals for Team USA. Katie is also a two-time world champion in Latin ballroom dance and recently added smooth ballroom styles to her competitive repertoire. She is an active volunteer with Dancers Against Cancer, Feeding America and the American Heart Association. Katie was crowned International Cinderella Miss in 2018 and is the reigning California Cinderella Teen. A professional model and actress since the age of 3, Katie has appeared on TV, in commercials and magazines, on runways and numerous toy and costume packages. Katie is a senior in high school at The Cambridge School where she is a student leader and maintains a 4.0+ GPA. Her favorite subjects include history, literature, varsity debate and Greek. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, singing and frequent visits to Disneyland. Katie is 17 years old and resides in San Diego, California. She plans to dance her way through college and attend law school.

Valeesa Anderson

Valeesa Anderson is a St Louis, MO native; she is 14 years old and has been training in dance for 10+ years while on a competitive team for 7 years. She has trained at DK Dance Productions from the beginning and is proud to be considered a leader among her peers. Valeesa is a well-rounded and focused dancer who loves challenges and always sets goals to aim for and with her faith and relationship with God she believes they can be achieved. She trains in several styles of dance, such as, ballet, tap, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and tumbling. Over the years, Valeesa has won many awards in addition to receiving various amounts of scholarships. Here's a list of some of these awards: crowned title winner, "Miss Platinum" 2019 in STL, won Talent on Parade 2019 National Solo Champion in STL, held title of "Miss Showbiz" 2019 & 2021, announced Rainbow's regional Teen "Dancer of the year" 2020-2021, voted Hollywood Vibe "Dancer of The Year" STL in 2019-2020 and 2021-2022, received an invitation to be one of Revels Dance Convention "Pro Reveler" for Season 7 in 2022-23, selected as KAR Protege' Performer 2022, crowned "Elite Miss Teen Dance America" at KAR in 2022, and won many 1st overalls at various competitions. Valeesa is a teacher assistant at DK and has been for 4 years now, which allows her experience to help develop and mentor others. She is also a part of the National Honors Society for Dance Arts and loves working together with dance friends to give back to the community. Valeesa inspires and dreams to be a professional dancer and besides her passion for dance she also loves to sing, draw, and read.

Alyssa Androff

Alyssa is 17 years old from St. John, Indiana. She has been dancing since the age of 6 and has been trained in a variety of styles such as: ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, hiphop and more. Her favorite style is contemporary. She is a member of 4.1.3. Company through 4.1.3. Dance Academy and competes from April to July. She has begun teaching beginning level classes as well. Alyssa loves to train and teach dancers not only proper technique but how to believe in oneself. She is incredibly excited to be a Kar Protege and is looking forward to all that is to come.

Makaelah Argueta

I am from Houston TX. I started dancing when I was 6 years old. From a shy little girl I have gained my confidence through my love for dance. I have been competing for the past 4 years. In this past year as a junior performer I have learned so much and really challenged myself. I pushed myself and was determined to grow in my acro skills and my technique. I train at J-Dance Company in South Houston I train in jazz, contemporary, hip hop and ballet. My favorite type of dance is Jazz! In 2018 I performed with the Houston Ballet in “The Nutcracker” and in 2021 I was recognized as a All-Star and got to compete with amazing dancers . In 2021 I also won Miss Junior title . Dance is how I get to express myself and get to really show the fun and sassy side of me. Outside of dance I love fashion and love to bake.

Mia Barone

Mia is a 15 year old competitive dancer who has been dancing for 13 years. Currently, she trains all forms of dance, with Ballet being her favorite. Mia has studied with teachers from the east to west coast, and has attended many conventions across the country. Mia has gotten to work with Marinda Davis on several projects over the past few years, and these are opportunities she will never forget. She has won numerous awards, scholarships And Titles since starting competitive dance at age 6. Those include:*National Miss Petite KAR 2016, National Miss Junior KAR 2017, 2019, and Miss Teen KAR 2020, 2021, 2022*Rainbow dancer of the year: Petite 2017, Junior 2018 & 2019, Teen 2020, 2021 and 2022 *Hollywood Vibe Junior Dancer Of the year 2017 And Teen Dancer of the Year 2022 *In10sity National Junior Con10der 2018 and 2019 And National Teen Con10der 2021 *Jump VIP winner 2017 *Radix Mini Female Core Performer Winner 2017 *Beyond the Stars National Junior Title winner 2018 *Dance Makers Scholarship winner 2018, 2019, and 2022 *TDX Protege winner 2019 *Nuvo Junior Female Breakout Artist winner 2020 *Nuvo Teen Female Breakout Artist finalist 2021 *Elite Dance Cup National Teen Title winner 2020 *Showstopper AllStar 2021, 2022 Mia is also on the Dance Team for her high school and an assistant teacher at her dance studio Creative Dance in Slidell, La. She assists around 7 classes a week in addition to taking 13 hours of class of her own.

Shaylin Barth

I have been dancing at The Dance Authority(TDA) in Omaha, NE for 13 years. I am currently a 15 year old sophomore attending MWHS. I have been on the competition team at TDA for 10 years and elite company for 2 years. I hope to continue dancing in college and aspire to be a choreographer. Dancing is a major part of my life, when I am not at the studio, I am practicing and learning new skills in my free time. Dance has taught me many life skills, like working as a team, responsibility, dedication, how to set goals and how to balance school and dance. I have a 4.0 gpa and am taking a full load of honors and AP classes as well as earning college credits. I am willing to take on this rigorous schedule because school is very important to me and dance is my passion.

Jaycee Bates

Jaycee is a 12 year old dancer from Jacksonville, IL. She has been dancing at Sara’s Studio of Dance since the age of 2 and competing since she was 5. Jaycee trains in all genres of dance but especially loves contemporary as it lets her truly express herself and jazz because she can show off her sassy and fun side. She has won numerous Titles, many awards, scholarships and National Championships. Jaycee loves everything about dance and performing and hopes to one day do it professionally. Jaycee is truly looking forward to being a KAR Protégé this year and cannot wait to make new friends and learn from amazing choreographers and instructors. When Jaycee is not dancing she enjoys spending time with friends, cheerleading, and cooking with her mom.

Madeline Beers

Madeline is 14- year old high school freshman, where she is in concert band and jazz band. She plays the Oboe and Alto Saxaphone, she can also play the clarinet and flute. She has studied dance for 11 years in all genres, ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, modern, musical theatre and pointe. Her favortie genre of dance is tap. She takes dance class at Art In Motion, in Wadsworth, Ohio. She has attended many conventions, such as Intrigue, Hollywood Vibe, Tremaine, Radix, Extreme Talent Workshop and KAR. She has many judges awards and was awarded Academy Queen at the 2020 Nationals for Extreme Talent Showcase. She is excited to start working with the KAR program in the fall.

Alia Benavides

Hi I’m Alia and I have been dancing since I was two. My favorite styles are lyrical and jazz. I live in Southern California and have been dancing competitively at The Talent Factory for the last 6 years. I look forward to continuing my dance education and meeting new people. I’m excited to be a part of the Protege family!

Kylee Brady

Kylee was born and raised in Southern California. From the very young age of 1 years old she has enjoyed music, dancing, and singing. At just 20 months old she asked to go to dance class. Her journey began taking ballet and tap. Her very first performance was just shy of turning 3 in her dance studio’s recital. It was that recital tap dance that had her fall in love with performing. Kylee at the age of 11, now trains in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and tumbling at her studio. Kylee has had a solo since the age of 5 years old, with many top overall placements as well as winning scholarships for her solo performances, and standing out at conventions. Kylee’s favorite styles are tap, hip hop, and jazz funk. She looks to learn and excel more in all styles to continue to grow in her dance education.

Addison Brill

Hi my name is Addison Brill. I have been dancing at Karen's School of Dance in Highland, MI for 13 years and competing for 11 years. Over the years, I have won multiple titles and awards. I love how dance allows me to express myself. I like all styles of dance but my favorite styles are lyrical and musical theatre. My passion for dance goes beyond performing I like to teach and mentor younger kids to also find their passion for dance. In the future I will be a Rockette, And I have a desire to perform on Broadway. I am excited for another season of being a KAR Protege and being with my KAR family. I love forward to seeing you soon!

Lillie Brown

Lillie Brown is the 13-year-old daughter of Ted and Sissy Brown of Jacksonville, Illinois. She is a homeschooled 7th grade student. She has been dancing since she was two years old, and has won many regional and national awards. In January, she placed in the Top 10 at the Illinois State Fair Talent Show for her lyrical performance. She dances at Legacy Dance and Tumbling Complex in her hometown, and she also trains with the Springfield Ballet Company and has performed in the Nutcracker Ballet for the past 3 years. In her spare time, Lillie enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially her older brother Dalton. She also enjoys participating in pageants, and is the reigning Junior Miss Morgan County.

Kaylyn Brunck

Kaylyn Brunck is 13 years old and the daughter of Jerry & Chrissy Brunck. She is currently a 7th grader at Hillsboro City Schools. Kaylyn is a member of the Midwest Elite Dance Center’s competition team located in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been a member of the Midwest Elite competition team for three years. Some of her most recent awarding accomplishments include: winning 1st overall at Talent on Parade, Revolution, and Starquest. Kaylyn was also crowned Miss Teen Emerging Dancer at Starquest. She is proud to be on the nationally ranked competition team which won eleven national titles in Pensacola last summer. Kaylyn has also participated in her studio’s productions of Grease, Hairspray, and Annie. Kaylyn is honored to be named a Protege’ Dancer for the 2022-2023 KAR dance convention.

Jackie Caldwell

Jackie danced ballet for almost ten years and enjoyed performing roles such as Sugar Plum Fairy in “The Nutcracker” and Swanhilda in “Coppelia.” She attended the Houston Ballet summer program and Alonzo King Lines Contemporary Ballet summer program. Starting in 2020, she began teaching virtual musical theater classes to young dancers and spent her summers choreographing musicals for a local theater company. To keep up her dance training, she takes classes through the Space.TV program out of Brea, CA. In addition to commercial dancing, she trains in traditional Irish Step. Outside of dance, she is beginning her senior year of high school, enjoys cooking, and trying out new recipes in her free time.

Andrea Canales

Andrea is a competitive dancer from Houston Texas who has been dancing since the age of 8 . Andrea trains at J Dance Company in all genres of dance and her favorite style of dance is hip hop and jazz . She has won numerous scholarships and awards from different dance conventions , regional and dance competitions. Andrea inspires to be a professional dancer in the future. She’s exited to be a Kar Protege and is looking forward to all that is to come .

Addison Carlisle

Addison is 14 years old from Lancaster Ca. He showed a talent for dance at a very young age. At the petition of friends and relatives, his family enrolled him in dance classes at AV Dance Studio 81 at the age of 5, where he found his dance family in his wonderful and supportive instructors and teammates. Dance quickly helped transform him from being painfully shy and introverted to finding joy and confidence in himself. Addison began competing in dance at age 6 and has won several titles, scholarships and Judges awards. For Addison, more important than awards and titles are the connections he makes in the competition and convention circuit, the deeper bonds he makes with his teammates, learning from amazing judges and choreographers; to build on his skills, and the thrill of getting to perform on stages. He has been learning and enjoying many different styles of dance for years; including Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theater and Ballet as well as complementary skill classes such as Technique, Conditioning, Barre, Acro and choreography. Addison’s favorite styles of dance are Hip Hop and Lyrical. He has a strong love for the arts and displays it by also taking singing lessons, piano lessons as well as drawing and painting as a hobby. Addison is looking forward to being part of the KAR protege’ program this year and knows he’ll have an experience he’ll never forget.

Tabbi Courts

Tabbi Courts is a sophomore at Ohio Virtual Academy. She started dancing at the age of four. She loves to travel to different states to experience different dance styles and education. She has won many regional and national awards and titles. She has auditioned and won the opportunity to assist with several different dance conventions over the past couple of years. Tabbi is currently on the performance and convention team at Just Off Broadway in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her dream is to open her own dance studio in the future to share her love of dance to others. She is excited and honored to be part of the KAR Protégé program this year. KAR has always been her favorite dance competition.

Lane Danhauer

Lane is a 13 year old competitive dancer from Santa Barbara, CA. She discovered her passion for dance at the age of three and has been performing ever since. Lane trains at Momentum Dance Company in Santa Barbara where she has been a company member for the past four years. In addition, she is a mentee in the Void Mentorship Program at The House Dance Complex in Agoura Hills, CA. Lane is also a junior mentee at I Am Force in Los Angeles, CA. Lane trains in all styles of dance including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, tap, lyrical, ballroom and flamenco. She has won numerous scholarships and achievements on the competition dance circuit. One of her greatest dance memories is performing flamenco in Jerez, Spain. Lane loves all things dance and is thrilled to be a 2022/23 KAR Protégé!

Annabelle DeWitt

Annabelle is 11 years old. She has been dancing at Pinnell Dance Centre since the age of 2 and dancing competitively since the age of 4. She is a member of the Junior Production lyrical, jazz, contemporary and hiphop lines. She is also a member of the studio’s ballet company. Annie has won convention scholarships as well as overalls for both her solos and her duets. She holds multiple titles currently and was a 2021 Showstoppers Allstar. Annie enjoys serving her community through dance and sharing her passion with others. She has performed for nursing home residents and with the non profit New Vision Dance Company as a guest student artist. Annie has also participated in both the annual studio ballet show, which raises donations for Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and the annual studio Christmas Show, which raises food for the local food pantry GRIN. Annie loves learning new things! Aside from being an honor roll student, she is the youngest member of the Westerville School’s Gifted of the Visual Arts Program Dance Division. She attends conventions, takes master classes and uses online curriculum. Annie also loves attending dance camps hosed by The Ohio State University’s nationally acclaimed dance team. She’s had the honor of studying under Lauren Adams, Sarah Grooms, Devin Buchanan, Carlos Neto, Andrew Turtletaub and Seth Stewart through Pinnell’s guest intensives. When Annie isn’t dancing she loves reading and drawing and can be found at the lake with her dog Callie, 3 siblings and mom and dad. Annie hopes to turn her passion for dance into a career one day. She’s so excited to learn and dance with you!

Jaclyn Dierkes

My name is Jaclyn Dierkes and I’m from Karen’s School of Dance. I have been dancing for ten years and competing for nine. My favorite style of dance is contemporary and my favorite thing about dance is getting to perform with my friends who I now call my family. I hope that I am able to move on in dance in the future, whether it’s performing, teaching, choreographing, or working in the industry in some way. 

Ella DiMaio

Ella is a 14 year old from Orange County, CA. She has been a competitive dancer since the age of 6 at Dance Star Academy Of Performing Arts (DSAPA) in Yorba Linda, CA. Ella trains in all genres of dance but her favorite-styles are Jazz and contemporary. She has won many 1st place overalls, Titles, Scholarships and Opportunities. Ella believes in hard work and always strives to be the best she can be. Other than dancing, Ella loves Modeling and Acting. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach and spending time with friends and family. Ella says" I am honored, thankful and so excited for this opportunity to learn, grow and be a part of protege program this year.

Laurielle Echevarria

Laurielle is a sixteen year old dancer from the Bronx, New York. She has been training in all genres of dance and gymnastics since the age of three. Laurielle has been a part of her award winning Competition team since the age of five where she holds many prestigious high scores and titles. Laurielle has appeared in music videos, The Apollo Theatre Amateur Night, T.V. commercials, movies and documentaries. She trains six days a week at her family-owned studio Performers Edge Dance Academy. Her favorite genre of dance is HipHop, Jazz and Lyrical. Laurielle loves attending Conventions where she takes classes with choreographers from all over the world. She loves making new friends and sharing her passion with others. She is super excited to be a Kar Protégé this season and cannot wait to learn from all the instructors while making memories that will last a lifetime. When Laurielle is not dancing she enjoys the beach, playing basketball and going shopping.

Brianna Ellis

Brianna Ellis is 17 years old and currently a Junior in High School. She began dancing at the age of 2 and dances at Miss Donnas School of Dancing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Brianna has recieved many awards and scholarships as well as holding titles from numerous dance competitions and conventions over the years. As of this year, Brianna was an assistant for Deviate Dance and thoroughly enjoys working with different choreographers. She hopes to continue with opportunities like this in the future. Brianna has always said that dance was her escape from reality and there is nothing she would rather spend the majority of her time doing. Though she is grateful for the titles and scholarships, she says that the feeling of being on stage and doing what she is most passionate about is why she continues to dance. She aspires to eventually tour with music artists as a back up dancer and have a career in commercial dance. Brianna is extremely grateful and excited for the opportunities that will come by being a 2022 protege performer for KAR.

Ella Lin Espinosa

Ella Lin Espinosa (first name: Ella Lin) is 13 years old and lives in Newport Beach, California. She began dancing competitively at the age of six. Ella Lin trains in all styles of dance, including pointe, at West Coast School of the Arts (WCSA) in Costa Mesa, California, but her favorite dance styles are musical theater and jazz. Ella Lin loves WCSA’s amazing teachers, including some of the best choreographers in the area like Paula and Alex Kessinger, Carlee Puffer, and Chalatorn Ujamas to name a few. Liked and appreciated for her cheerful nature and kind personality, Ella Lin was voted as WCSA’s 2021 Miss Congeniality. Some of the dance awards Ella Lin has received are Hall of Fame 2021 Entertainment Award for Musical Theater Solo, NUVO 2020 BreakOut Artist Runner Up, NUVO 2019 Die Hard Dancer Scholarship, and Showstopper 2019 All Star Dancer in which she performed in the "America Loves to Dance" Awards at Disneyland Hotel. Ella Lin was also selected as a Faculty Assistant for the 4-day Hollywood Dance Experience convention over summer 2022, working with master teachers like Autumn Miller, Katy Tate and Nancy O’Meara. Aside from dance, Ella Lin is an active youth environmental advocate and a partner of an environmental campaign called www.skiptheplasticstraw.com, with the goal to reduce the use of single-use plastics like straws, as well as promote ways to lead a sustainable life through recycling and beach cleanups. Ella Lin has been featured on VoyageLA.com, ABC News and NIKE's YouTube channel for her environmental work. She is also on the Captain Planet Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee. In her free time Ella Lin enjoys kayaking, playing the ukulele and visiting Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. Her favorite food is Mac and Cheese. Ella Lin’s very first KAR competition was when she was eight, during which she won first overall and was crowned 2nd runner up Miss Petite for her very first hip hop solo. Five years later she can’t believe she was selected as a KAR Protege Performer, and is excited to make more memories with KAR.

Bryanna Fernandez

Bryanna Fernandez is an energetic 16 year old high school junior. Bryanna was born and raised in Victorville California. Bryanna has been dancing since the age of 2 1/2 and has been a competitive dancer since the age of 5. Bryanna currently attends Elevate Dance & Fitness Studio in Rancho Cucamonga, directed by Wynesha Groce. Bryanna studies and practices all forms of dance but feels most at home in the style of Hip Hop & Jazz. Since the age of 10 Bryanna has been signed with the Movement Talent Agency (MTA). Bryanna has had the great opportunity to appear in two game shows, Drop that Seat & Family Game Night. Bryanna has also appeared in two dance commercials, LOL Surprise and Party Popteenies. From the age of 10 to 15 Bryanna was fortunate to be part of the Lythgoe Family theater productions in Pasadena California as an on-stage dancer. Bryanna is extremely grateful to be part of the Protege Program for the 2021 KAR Convention tour, Bryanna can't wait to meet new friends and train with the KAR Team.

Mallory Figura

Born and raised in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Mallory Figura is thrilled to be one of KAR's 2022 Protege Performers. She has been an assistant teacher for several years at her home studio and is honored to assist KAR on tour. She is a Sophomore who has loved dance and performance since the age of 3. Mallory manages to balance her time across many passions including competitive dance, musical theater, Varsity cheer and tumbling while maintaining an A academic average. The owner of her dance studio, a Broadway alumni, taught her at an early age that dance is not a race but a marathon. This valuable lesson has shaped her into the strong and steady young lady she is today. Mallory has trained at the Broadway Dance Center in New York, Joffrey Ballet School in New York, the collegiate dance team Rally Cats out of Clemson University, and this year The Space at Brea, California. She won the 2021 Miss Senior Encore Title and is a consistent overall winner and scholarship recipient. While she is proud of these prestigious honors, telling a story through dance that leaves her audience moved is what fulfills Mallory most.

Dacey Gaona

Dacey I Gaona is an energetic, outgoing, and passionate tiny 9 year old dancer. She trains in all forms of dance but enjoys Musical Theatre. She started dance, at the age of 3 1/2 with JDANCE CO in South Houston, TX. By the age of 5 years old she joined the competition team. At such a young age she found her calling for "Dance". In 2019, she was casted as a Joker Doll & Angel for the Stanton's Welch's "The Nutcracker" with the Houston Ballet Academy. In December 2020, along with several of her teammates, performed on abc13 Houston Mayor's Holiday Show. In 2021, she won several National Titles and Championships. They are: Elite Miss Petite Nexstar, Miss Petite 8Nationaltalentcompetition Title and lastly Miss Petite Synergy. 2022 has been a busy year for her as well. First convention of the year at Showstoppers, she won Jr Dance Battle Champ. Outside of her dance world, she enjoys playing soccer, swimming and anything girly!

Amelia Gaudreau

Amelia Gaudreau is from Nashville, TN, and is currently in the sixth grade. Amelia has grown up in a musical family and has been dancing, singing, and acting since the age of four. She got her start at Hermitage Dance Academy under the direction of Studio owner and Choreographer Andrea Woodward. She was a company member at HDA for five years until making a move to Franklin, TN to join DC Dance Factory under the direction of Stephanie and Darrell Campbell. She is currently a member of the Pre-Teen team in her fifth year at DC. In addition to dancing and school, Amelia is also a voice-over artist. You can hear Amelia’s voice on various TV, radio spots and International animated series, including American Airlines, UNICEF, Bobby and Max, and various Children’s Music CD’s. Amelia was recently featured singing and playing the piano in a conceptional music and dance video for Kerosene Creative Productions entitled “Peace” under the direction of Allison Little. Amelia also takes piano and voice lessons When not performing, Amelia enjoys spending time with friends, pets (three dogs and two lizards), family, shopping, and playing games with her little brother Larry (5). She is excited to be joining the KAR team for this upcoming season and looks forward to the adventure, improving her dance skills, and making new friends!

Rosemary Gaudreau

Rosemary Gaudreau hails from Nashville, TN, and is currently a sophomore in high school. Rosemary has grown up in a musical family and has been dancing, singing, and acting since the age of five. She got her start at Hermitage Dance Academy under the direction of Studio owner and Choreographer Andrea Woodward. She was a company member at HDA for six years until making a move to Franklin, TN to join DC Dance Factory under the direction of Stephanie and Darrell Campbell. She is currently a member of the Senior team in her sixth year at DC. Among her many career highlights, Rosemary had the privilege of performing with the New York and Nashville Cast of the Broadway Production “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” where she played the role of Annie Who. She and the cast performed for six weeks in 2016 at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Rosemary most recently participated in a video shoot for Kerosene Creative Productions where she was the featured dancer for a conceptional music and dance video entitled “Peace” under the direction of Allison Little. Rosemary takes both piano and voice lessons and is often found writing her own music on her piano at home. When not performing, Rosemary enjoys spending time with her friends, three rescue dogs (Poncho, Sally, and Savannah), her parents, and two younger siblings Amelia (12) and Larry (5). She is excited to join the KAR team for this upcoming season and looks forward to meeting new friends and building on her dance skills and technique.

Adelaide Glenn

I’m Adelaide Glenn and I’m 13 years old from Katy, Texas. I started dancing when I was 3 when my mom put me in a ballet class. When I was 5, I took a hip hop class and that’s when my teacher asked if I’d like to audition for the competitive team. I’ve been competing with my dance family, Republic Edge, under the guidance of Christina Sefara, ever since! I love the feeling of performing in front of crowd. It makes me so happy to share my love of dance with others! I’ve been so blessed to have won several regional competitions, received multiple convention scholarships, and hold many regional miss dance titles as well as a national title. I’ve even modeled for a dancewear line! I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned and for any opportunities that come my way! I’m always happy to share what skills I have with others, and I’m hoping to become a dance teacher one day! When I’m not dancing, I love being with my friends, shopping, and creating fun videos.

Berlynn Gonzalez

My name is Berlynn Gonzalez. I’m currently 15 years old and i’m from corona, California. I started dancing competitively at the age of 10 and i’ve been in love with it ever since! At the age of 13 i started training at OCPAA in Anaheim, california. It was here that I decided I wanted to take dance more seriously so I tried out for their pre professional program called OC pro. I am now on year 2 of being apart of OC pro and i’m so extremely grateful for the opportunities it’s brought me. I learn from some of the best. Through dance I’ve been able to accomplish a lot. From winning titles, winning competitions, receiving scholarships, to having the privilege of being apart of assistant programs and now this! i’m ecstatic to have this opportunity with KAR. KAR was one of the first conventions/ competitions I had ever been to. I cant wait to share the dance floor with you and I hope to see you at a KAR convention this year!

Jordyn Grace

Hi I am Jordyn Grace and I am 17 years old! I am from Southern California and dance competitively at the Talent Factory! This is my 6th year dancing! My favorite Styles are contemporary and hip hop! I am excited to be a part of the Protégés and can’t wait to meet and dance with inspiring dancers!

Sophia Hagmann

Sophia Hagmann is 14 years old from Newport Beach, California. She competes at West Coast School of the Arts and has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She started competing when she turned 5 and fell in love with it. While she trains and enjoys all styles of dance, she connects the most with contemporary and jazz. She is always looking to take any class that she can learn and develop her skills. She is a freshman this year where she also dances on the high school dance company and works on the student government. Sophia is honored to be a part of the KAR Protégé program this year and so excited to grow as a dancer and mentor!

Lilly Hampson

Lilly is 12 years old and dances with Sloan’s Dance Studio in West Frankfort, Illinois. Lilly has a love for all things dance. She enjoys learning new styles and techniques, as well as working with choreographers and teachers from all backgrounds. Lilly has just discovered her passion for the art of choreography and plans to pursue a career in choreography and dance performance. Lilly has won multiple titles, with her favorite being named a KAR Protégé for 2022. Lilly is excited to have to opportunity to meet and work with so many new dancers during the KAR Convention tour. When she is not dancing or in the gym, you can find Lilly working on an art project or playing with her pet cats.

Tatum Harman

Tatum Darlene Harman is a young dancer based out of the beautiful mountains of Alpine, California. She attends 3rd grade at Christian Unified Elementary School of San Diego. Tatum started dancing at her local studio Alpine Dance Academy at the age of 2. She quickly realized the stage is where her heart belongs and moved to The Element Dance Center at the age of 3 to start a more competitive path. Tatum trains in all styles of dance but especially loves Tap and Jazz. In 2018, at the age of 4, Tatum was awarded the Titles of: Miss Petite Dance, Dancer of the year, The Mascot Award, and then went on to receive Miss Petite Dance America runner up at nationals in Las Vegas! With so much love for dance, Tatum’s training, perseverance and drive continued on and she had the honor of being crowned Miss Petite Dance America 2019. In 2021, Tatum received several 1st overall awards including: 2021 Dancer of the year, 2021 Miss Petite Dance and National Elite Top First awards at the Secondary level. In addition to her dance career, Tatum also participates in The Cinderella Scholarship Pageant where she was the 2021-2022 California State Mini Miss. Tatum hopes to use her title and platform to promote the wonderful organization dear to her heart: Dancers Against Cancer.

Taylor Hein

Taylor Hein is 12 years old and lives in Charleston, Illinois. She has been dancing and competing at Mattoon Academy of Dance since the age of 8. Taylor has earned many overall awards, scholarships, and acknowledgments, both regionally and nationally. In 2021, she was honored to be awarded regional Dancer of the Year at Rainbow Dance Competition. Taylor really enjoys attending intensives and conventions to benefit from the amazing opportunities to work with industry renowned dancers and choreographers while continuing to learn and grow. Her favorite styles of dance are hip hop and contemporary. Taylor dreams to one day become a professional choreographer and competition judge. Taylor is so grateful for the opportunity to work with KAR convention as a protégé performer this season!

Madison Hernandez

Madison (“Maddie”) is 11 years old and originally from Chicago, IL. She moved to Huntington Beach, CA at 5 years old where she has been dancing at the Dance Studio of Orange County ever since. Maddie trains in all genres of dance but her favorites are hip hop, jazz, and lyrical. She started competing at age 8 and has won several 1st place overalls, titles, and scholarships. Maddie is known for her determination and spirit. When Maddie is not dancing, she loves hanging out with her friends and shopping. She is incredibly grateful for her dance instructors, teachers, friends and most importantly her parents and brother and sister for their endless support and love. Maddie is super excited and looking forward to her first year as a KAR Protégé

Ciara Hines

My name is Ciara Hines, and I’m from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. I’ve been dancing since the age of 2 and competing since the age of 5. I have trained in all styles such as jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tap, contemporary, acro, and even contortion. Kar was my very first dance competition ever, and I’ve been competing at KAR ever since. I am extremely passionate about dancing. Expressing myself hasn’t always been easy; nonetheless, when I am dancing, I imagine myself being transported to a zone where I am unrestricted, stress-free, and unequivocally poised. Additionally, dancing taught me the value of hard work, perseverance and humility. I’ve been featured in documentaries/ short films such as “In Time” and “It Could Be You.” I was a special guest on CTV’s “Prince George’s Youth.” As well as being featured in multiple magazines such as “Dance Feature Magazine,” “CoreReader,” “Big City Kids,” and many more! I’ve also toured and danced backup at the Rock Your Hair concerts back in 2017 & 2018. All in all, dance is my everything and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Katie Howard

Katie Howard is 14 years old and from Grimes, Iowa. Katie was born with a hearing loss that was discovered during a test at the hospital at just one day old. She received her first pair of hearing aids at 3 months old and has never looked back. Although challenges can arise, Katie truly believes that you can do anything you put your mind to if you work hard enough. She reminds herself and others often to “never set limits for yourself.” Katie has been dancing since she was 3 years old, and competitively since 7. She trains in all areas of dance at Brekke Dance Center. Over the years, Katie has won many awards, titles, and scholarships, including Dance Masters of America's Jr Miss Dance of America 2022. One of the things that Katie loves most about dance is that there are always new things to learn and ways to challenge yourself.

Ella Huang

Ella is 13 years old from San Diego, California. She has been dancing since the age of three. While she likes a variety of styles, her most favorite style of dance is contemporary because she loves the freedom of movements. Ella's favorite color is green and her favorite food is ice cream. She enjoys reading, writing and hanging out with friends in her spare time.

Mariah Humphrey

Mariah “Riah” Humphrey is a 15 year-old high school freshman. She trains in all forms of dance, but especially enjoys Musical Theatre, Jazz, and Tap. She started dancing at 18 months old, started competing at 3 years old, and won her first National Title at 5 years old. She is a accomplished dancer who has won several National Championships and National Titles over the years. In 2019 she was selected to the 2019-2020 TDX dance convention tour as a Lead Counselor. She got to assist and learn from some of the most amazing industry choreographers. Along with dance she enjoys performing in local theatre productions. She has performed in Aladdin, Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Long King, The Grinch, and played Clara in The Tumbling Nutcracker. Riah is a current member of the tap company So-Cal Junior Hoofers Club, directed by Michelle Miner. She also belongs to a young women’s leadership group. The group strives to grow young leaders who positively impact their peers and their community. When she’s not dancing she enjoys playing soccer, roller skating, and driving her Jet Ski on the bay.

Alexis Jordan

Alexis Jordan is 12 years old and has been dancing since the age of 5. At Karen’s School of Dance, she studies all genres of dance but lyrical and jazz are her favorite. She has won many titles, scholarships, and awards throughout her years of competing, including National Miss Junior Dance at KAR in 2019. Dance is her true passion. Alexis hopes to open her own dance studio in her future. She is looking forward to being a 2022 KAR protégé, as well as, a Hollywood Dance Experience assistant. When she is not dancing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing soccer, and shopping.

Anny Juvera

Ever since Anny Juvera was 3 years old, dance became the center of her world. She began her dance competition journey at just 4 years old and continues to stun judges to this day. Currently a sophomore at the San Diego of Creative and Performing Arts, Anny is steadfast about the discipline of dance. She enjoys learning all facets of dance from Ballet to Hip Hop but she counts Lyrical, Contemporary and Jazz as some of her favorites. “Watching her artistry unfold on stage moves me every time”, notes her mom. As a former martial artist, Anny knows hard work and effort is the key to success. “People who do not give up motivate me because I can relate. It’s about self-belief and knowing you can do it. I love seeing people succeed.” With Signature Dance Academy behind her, Anny Juvera humbly won the title KAR National Champion and most recently, was named KAR Protégé. “Being a KAR protégé means the world to me. It’s truly an honor and I can’t wait to begin this journey.” Her ultimate and only goal is to become a professional dancer and choreographer, eventually showcasing what she learned to students around the globe. When she’s not dancing, she loves spending time with family and friends or simply listening to music.

Elise Kim

Elise Kim is 11 years old and is currently in the 6th grade. She was born and raised in Southern California. She has always had a love for dance, asking her mom to find a dance class starting at the age of 2. She has a huge passion for dance. She loves to take every opportunity she can to learn and grow as a dancer. She has been dancing since she was 3 and joined the competition team at the age of 6 winning multiple 1st overall placements, national titles, judges awards, and scholarships over the years. More than the titles, she loves the community that dance has brought into her life. She trains in all styles of dance but her favorites are Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. Elise has competed at numerous competitions and participated in many different conventions, some of her favorites being in the KAR family. She is super excited and honored to be a KAR Protege for the upcoming season! She is so thankful for the opportunities KAR has provided and excited for all that is to come!

Esme Lee

Esme is eleven years old from Orange County, California. She is thankful she found her passion for dance at the age of four. She trains at Orange County Performing Arts Academy in all styles of dance, but her favorite by far are lyrical and hip hop. Over the years, she was awarded numerous first place overalls, titles, scholarships, and awards. This summer she is excited to train at Joffrey Ballet School. When she is not dancing, she enjoys reading, catching up on Netflix series, and playing with her bunnies. Esme is honored to be a Kar Protégé Performer and excited for the journey ahead!

Leah Loeffelholz

Leah Loeffelholz is 14 years old, from Waukee, Iowa. She fell in love with the stage and performing at the early age of 3 and started dancing competitively when she was 6 years old. She currently trains at Brekke Dance Center in all genres of dance. Her favorite styles are; contemporary and musical theater, which is no surprise since she loves to entertain. Leah enjoys attending dance conventions and learning from instructors across the country. She has received numerous awards, titles, and scholarships throughout her young career and is grateful for all the opportunities that competitive dance has brought her. Leah leverages her high work ethic to balance time between dance, competitive softball, show choir, modeling, acting, and spending time with her friends. She is excited to have the opportunity to be a Kar Protégé and continue to grow as a dancer from this experience.

Chloe Lutosky

Chloe Lutosky is a 16-year-old junior from sunny San Diego. A relative latecomer to dance, Chloe began her competitive dancing career at The Element Dance Center just five years ago. Proving it is never too late to start dancing, Chloe immersed herself in all genres, training upwards of 20 hours a week. Her hard work has paid off! While she has earned several regional 1st Overall High Point awards, titles and scholarships, the highlight of Chloe's year was being awarded Miss Dance America and Miss National Photogenic at KAR’s National Competition this summer. Prior to finding her passion for dance, Chloe spent much of her time in in front of the camera working in print, commercial and film. Chloe finds dance to be an extension of acting and she loves bringing storylines to life through her dance. Chloe can still be seen as regular on the Fine Bros Kids React/Teens React today.

Emma Lynn

Emma is a 10 year old competitive dancer from southern Illinois. She began dancing at the age of three, studying both tap and ballet. As her love for dance grew, she began adding other genres, such as contemporary, jazz, and acro, to her dance repertoire. While her favorite dance styles are jazz and contemporary, she also enjoys her studio skills classes like ballet, turns and leaps, and conditioning. Emma is an advanced tumbler and loves to incorporate her tumbling skills into her numerous competitive routines. She travels throughout the Midwest to not only compete with various dance organizations, but also to study under renowned choreographers. In just five years of competitive dance experience Emma has won numerous awards, titles, scholarships, and national championships. In addition, she has danced with the Moscow Ballet=E2=80=99s Great Russian Nutcracker, traveled to New York to compete in the Star Dance Alliance World Dance Championships, and apprenticed with prestigious artistic groups such as Platinum and Immerse Artists Experience. Dance has given Emma the opportunity to build her confidence, express her sassy attitude, and develop an outstanding work ethic. When she isn=E2=80=99t dancing, she enjoys making up her own dances With her friends and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Emma is passionate about all things dance, and she is excited to be a 2022 KAR Protege

Noelle Martinez

Noelle is 14 years old and has been dancing since the age of 5. She is currently dancing for Nor Cal Dance Arts in San Jose, California. She has had the pleasure of studying all genres of dance but enjoys contemporary, lyrical, and ballet the most. Competitive dance has given her many opportunities to grow; through winnings, scholarships, and intensives. Noelle has had the privilege of attending the American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive in New York, Dance Masters of California title winner, The Camp 2021, and the upcoming 2022 Camp, YAGP (top 12 in Contemporary and Ballet). Noelle is a dedicated student of dance and enjoys new styles and techniques by various choreographers. When not dancing, she enjoys the balance of family and friends. She is excited to be a part of the KAR family this season and is looking forward to making new friends throughout this incredible journey.

Lacey Mashburn

Dancing since the age of 4, Lacey Mashburn has trained at South County Dance Company in the areas of jazz, musical theater, contemporary, ballet, tap, jazz-funk, hip-hop, and acro. She has trained with multiple choreographers such as Clarisse Takemoto, Sara Gentile, Nicole Hagen, Matthew Kubitz, Vickie Roan, Marlena Arellano, and Kelley Guise. Lacey has danced competitively for 8 years, winning numerous titles, scholarships, and awards. Most recently she was honored to win the junior National KAR Title in Las Vegas, the KAR Convention Scholarship, and the Hollywood Vibe Scholarship. Lacey loves competing and performing in all avenues of dance and dreams of dancing professionally one day. She had the honor of touring with KAR as a Protege in 2021 and is elated to be continuing her role as a KAR Protege for the 2022 season. This summer, Lacey will have the joy and privilege of assisting multiple choreographers at the 2022 Hollywood Dance Experience. She also looks forward to continuing her participation in the Entity Summer Intensive. Lacey is humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be a KAR Protege and is looking forward to incredible new experiences ahead.

Amiya Mason

Amiya Mason is 10 years old and was born in St. Louis, Missouri where she resides. She has been dancing at DK Dance Productions for 6 years, which she started her dance journey on the academy side for 2 years and transitioned to the competitive team the last 4 years. This year, Amiya loves competing her jazz solo, hip hop duet & group dances on the competitive stages and always shines with her energetic and fierce personality. Amiya trains in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical, musical theater & tumbling; however, she enjoys jazz, lyrical and hip hop the most. Outside of dance, she plays basketball, piano and softball but dance is her first love.

Kate McGee

Kate is 12 years old and is from Anaheim, California. Dancing is her passion. She trains at DSAPA in Yorba Linda and has been dancing since she was 4 years old. Kate started competing at the age of 7. She trains and competes in all styles of dance. Her favorite style is contemporary but loves them all. Kate has won many overalls and scholarships at competitions. She also loves to attend dance conventions and is always excited to learn from master teachers. She assists at her studio helping younger dancers and enjoys teaching. Kate lights up and is energized no matter what she is doing - competing, performing, learning or assisting. She plans to keep on dancing and hopes for a career on the stage. Kate is so excited and grateful to be a KAR Protégé Performer!!

Presley Miller

coming soon

Savannah Miodowski

Savannah Miodowski is a 12 year old competitive and all-star world’s dancer and has been dancing since she was 2 years old. She trains at Linsey’s Cheer and Dance Center in Shelby Township, Michigan. Savannah has appeared in numerous commercials, dance costume catalogs, fashion shows, and was a contestant on America’s Got Talent. She has also performed several times with the Moscow Ballet at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. She has danced for Detroit Piston’s fans at Little Caesar’s Arena. As a competitive dancer, Savannah has won many regional titles and is also a two-time national champion. Her favorite styles of dance are jazz, lyrical, and hip hop. In addition to dancing, Savannah enjoys singing, modeling, and acting. She has appeared in Peter Pan Junior and a high school performance of Cinderella. Savannah loves attending dance conventions and is so excited to assist the KAR Faculty this season, as well as meet all the wonderful dancers in a city near you!

Presley Nava

Presley has been dancing at Triple Threat Performing Arts in Livermore, CA since the age of 18 months. Her first dance competition was on the KAR stage at the age of 4 and since then has won multiple KAR regional and title awards, is a two time junior national champion, and just won the KAR Miss Junior Dance America title this year in Pigeon Forge, TN. Presley is also proud to be part of TTPA's five time national champion tap group as well. Presley enjoys traveling to many other competitions and conventions where she has won many overall awards, including Nuvo Breakout Artist and the Non Stop Dancer award at 24Seven dance convention. Presley trains in all styles of dance but her favorites are tap and jazz. Presley is in 7th grade at Stone Valley Middle School and in her spare time loves to go downtown with friends, do crafts, and spend time enjoying the outdoors, especially if it has to do with water! Presley is so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the KAR Protege family and is looking forward to using this platform to encourage others in their pursuit of dance.

Leilani Negron

Leilani is a senior at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia. She started dancing at the age of 2 and a half. She enjoys all styles of dance and loves to learn new things from different teachers. She has competed in many KAR and Star Dance Alliance competitions and has won many awards. She is a student at The Dance Factory inc. in Austell Georgia under the direction of Ms. Debbie Daniel Wells. At the age of 9, Leilani got the opportunity to perform on stage with Maurice Hines, alongside the Manzari Brothers, during his production of Tappin’ Thru Life. Her dream is to become a performer and choreographer, hopefully working with various different artists, and one day open up a dance studio of her own.

Alli Ogden

Allison is a 17 year old dancer from Beaumont, California. She has been training at Dance Spectrum since the tender age of two and competing since the age of four. She trains in all styles of dance and is currently a student teacher at her studio. Where she teaches the mini/beginning hip hop classes. Most recently, she has danced the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker and is currently preparing to dance the role of Cinderella in June. She is also training to become a certified Cecchetti ballet teacher and hopes to become a member of the Cecchetti Council of America. She is looking forward to touring with the KAR family as a KAR Protoge!

Aria O'Mara

Aria O'Mara, now 11, was born in Reno, Nevada. She started dancing at age 3. At 7 years old, she joined Core Connection Dance Company's competition team. She has participated in all forms of dance, but currently focuses on ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop and tap. Aria loves the challenges dance presents; requiring flexibility, strength, endurance, memory, timing & flair. Her goal is to eventually attend Julliard and become a professional dancer and studio owner.

Dakotah Parales

Dakotah Parales started dancing at the age of 5 and started competing at the age of 7. Dakotah trains in all styles of dance at Performers Edge Dance Company in the Bronx, New York. She has been on the competition team for almost 10 years, and has been awarded numerous scholarships and national titles. She is currently a sophomore honor student at St Catherine Academy were she is on the varsity cheerleading team. Her favorite subjects are geometry and art. Dakotah is 16 years old and resides in the Bronx,N.Y. She plans on studying sports medicine and continue dancing when she goes to college .

Abigail Pearson

Abigail “Abbie” Pearson is a 14-year-old freshman in high school with a severe addiction to dance. Abbie loves to dance because it provides her with a powerful method of communication across all cultures. Abbie is a soft-spoken girl who claims attention through defying norms and expectations assigned to her. She is full of passion, persistence, and individuality. Currently, Abbie studies pedagogy, anatomy, and numerous variations of modern and ballet movement through CoSA’s Conservatory of Classical and Contemporary Dance. Additionally, she is a part of The Movement Dance Center’s competitive ensemble team, where she expands her versatility and participates in a wide variety of styles. In the past, Abbie has attended summer intensives for American Ballet Theater, San Diego Ballet, and Joffrey. Abbie is also a Cadette in Girl Scouts and is working towards her Gold Award. She loves music and plays piano along with various other percussion instruments. She is a high school intern with Emerald Keepers and participates in many other clubs striving to make the environment a better, healthier place. When Abbie isn’t dancing, she is cuddling with her dogs as she devours a book, inventing new upside-down balances, or training on her ninja course. Abbie is extremely thankful for all of her family, teachers, and friends who continue to shape her into the person and dancer she is today.

Elliot Philbin

Elliot started dancing at the age of 3 and has been dancing competitively for the past four years. During this time, she has won numerous awards in several competitions and she competes in all styles of dance. She has had the opportunity at her current studio to assist in classes of younger dancers. Even more than dancing, she loves sharing her love of dance with others. When not dancing, she enjoys traveling and being with friends and family. She is excited for this opportunity to learn and grow as a dancer with the KAR team.

Reese Pidgeon

Reese Pidgeon is 13 years old from San Diego, California. She started dancing at 2 years old and just fell in love. At 3, she began training at The Element Dance Center and competed her first solo ever. She continues to compete and train in Tap, Jazz, lyrical, Ballet, and Contemporary. However, she has found her love for Jazz and lyrical throughout the years! At age 5, Reese was cast as a bonbon in the Nutcracker for the California Ballet and at 7 she was told she was the youngest person ever to be cast in the family scene. She previously won KAR Ms. Petite Dance America as well as the National Solo Champion in Las Vegas, NV. She assisted a KAR convention in San Diego, CA where she had a blast. Reese is also part of the American Tap Company and competed in Germany in 2019 at the IDO World Tap Dance Championships, bringing home Silver & Bronze medals representing the USA. She also enjoys pageants and was crowned International Cameo Girl in 2020. Reese has been very supportive of DAC and did a TEDx talk which can be seen on YouTube. She is also involved with a philanthropic organization for young girls dedicated to volunteering their time and resources to various San Diego County charities. Reese is so grateful and excited to begin her journey traveling with KAR Protégé and assist in many talented cities. Outside of dance, Reese loves to hang out with friends, surf, go to the beach and movies. She plans to dance her way through medical school and become a pediatrician.

Trey Rich

Hi my name is Trey Rich and I am 16 years old. I live in Maryland and I’ve been a competitive dancer since the age of 10, but a professional dancer since the age of 12. I train in all styles of Dance and also teach recreational classes at my dance studio Outlet dance complex. I’ve had gigs on Nickelodeon, Disney, and NBC to name a few. My goal In life is to back up dance for top artists, and continue training.

Isabelle Richards

Isabelle Irene Richards is a 17-year-old San Diego based dance artist. She is a senior who currently attends High Tech High school and Mesa college concurrently. She has attended The Element Dance Center for the last 7 years and teaches the pre mini,mini and petite classes . She strives to gain as many dance skills as possible and also trains with Malashock dance and The Brea space.She choreographed the California Cinderella Music Video, “Stand By Me” along with several other HTH dance team performances. She is the founder and CEO for her own non- profit organization that serves Wounded and injured service members. This organization is what has shaped her future aspirations of attaining her BFA in dance and to open her own Dance Therapy studio. Isabelle trains in all forms of dance, but especially enjoys Contemporary,Jazz, Lyrical and Tap. In 2020 Isabelle was recognized as the National KAR Senior Overall winner in virtual Las Vegas. In 2021 she won several overall senior Elite awards as well as Miss Senior Dance. For 8 weeks in 2021 she served as a dancer assistant to Angela Cifone and traveled all over the country working with younger dancers who were learning new skills. In addition to dance awards Isabelle was named the Navy Military Child of the Year award for her leadership, community service and resilience. She was nominated along with over 1000 other military children and received her award in Washington, D.C.

Brooklynn Schimmelpfenning

Brooklynn is a 10 year old dancer at Excel Performing Arts in O’Fallon Missouri. She has been dancing and tumbling since age 3. Since she has started competing dance, Brooklynn has won several scholarships, special awards, overalls and titles regionally and nationally. Over the last few years Conventions have become her favorite thing to do. She loves learning new choreography in all genres, working with amazing choreographers, and making new friends along the way. When Brooklynn isn’t dancing you can find her modeling at Weissman’s Dancewear Solutions. Her dream is to work in the dance industry, choreograph routines, as well as own a dance studio one day. Brooklynn is so honored to be a part of the KAR Protégé Program this year and cannot wait to meet everyone.

Abi Scully

Abigayle is a 16 year old junior in high school from Slidell, LA. She began dancing at the age of two and joined company at the age of five at Creative Dance Studio located in Slidell, Louisiana..She has been on the company since, getting the opportunity to learn from many guest teachers that have shaped her dance career. She has attended many KAR in house conventions, as well as traveling to conventions outside of her home studio. She has attended several KAR nationals and was a part of many national champion titles in Panama City Beach. Aside from her love of dance, Abigayle is a mental health advocate working closely with a company entitled This Is My Brave where she was a part of a podcast, documentary film, and national show where she performed a dance piece: Skin. She has worked with many other non profit organizations and makes it a priority to help raise awareness regarding mental health when not focusing on her dancing.

Maggie Sherrill

Maggie Sherrill is a 16 year old high school sophomore from High Point, NC. She began dancing at the age of 3 at Starz Elite Dance Center. She trains in all forms of dance and especially enjoys lyrical and jazz. Maggie has received many top overall placement awards on a regional and national level. She was a Regional KAR Title Winner and most recently won Miss Dance America at KAR Nationals in Myrtle Beach. Maggie enjoys attending various national conventions and has received multiple awards, recognitions, and scholarships. She has been featured in various lead roles within her studio including Clara in their annual Holiday Spectacular Presentation. Maggie also is a varsity cheerleader and active in student government. She enjoyed being a part of the 2021 Protégé team and looks forward to another season with her KAR dance family!

Natalie Sikora

Natalie has been dancing for twelve years and competitively dancing for 10 with her team at Robert Lee School of Dance in Michigan. Natalie has an interest in all different kinds of dance with her favorites being ballet tap and contemporary. She has taken part in various different master classes with choreographers from all over Including Gill Mata, Mallory Marshall, and Giana Martello. She has also taken part in performances like The Nutcracker and West Side Story. Natalie currently holds 3rd runner up for Teen Miss Dance of Michigan 2022. Natalie also shares a passion for acting and singing on top of dancing as well. Natalie hopes to pursue a career in dance doing choreography, professionally dancing and working behind the scenes at dance competitions and conventions.

Alyssa Stallings

Alyssa Stallings is 14 years old and has been dancing since the age of 3. She loves all styles of dance but Musical Theater is definitely her favorite. Alyssa is an ambassador for Ally Day photography. She uses her dance talent as a Dance Hope Cure ambassador to spread awareness about childhood cancer. Alyssa loves that KAR supports families that have been impacted by cancer. She enjoys spending time with her identical twin, 4 dogs, friends and family when she's not dancing. Her favorite thing about dance is meeting new people and showing off her personality. Alyssa knows that hard work and determination can lead to wonderful things and plans to keep working on her dance technique through studio classes, conventions and competitions.

Tessa Stallings

Tessa is 14 years old and has been dancing since the age of 3. She loves everything about dance, from technique to entertainment. She is known as a Jazz Baby and lives for Hip Hop. She's been a part of the international Hip Hop team, representing America in the IDO World Hip Hop Championship. She's been part of the first Hip Hop group, 34th & Phunk, to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Hollywood Christmas Parade. She's been part of the Big Stage TV show with 34th & Phunk. Tessa strives to learn new tricks and polish her technique whenever the opportunity presents itself. She has won numerous titles, with her 2019 KAR National JR Miss Dance being one of her favorite dance moments. When she's not dancing, she's hanging with her twin sister.

Sidney Stephan

Sidney is 14 years old from Lincoln Nebraska. She has been dancing since the age of 3 at Universal Dance Academy. A member of her studios competitive team since age 8, she has won many awards and scholarships. Sidney currently trains in all forms of dance and especially loves lyrical and musical theatre. She is honored to be a part of the KAR protégé program so she can continue to grow as a dancer and meet new people.

Rebecca Suh

Rebecca Suh is a 12 year old who strives each day to improve her dance skills. Her favorite place to be is the dance studio- a home away from home. Dancing since she was 3 years old, Rebecca trains in all disciplines at Dance Star Academy of the Performing Arts in Yorba Linda, California. She especially loves the fun and energy of jazz and hip hop, but the beauty of ballet has a special spot in her heart. Rebecca is known for her work ethic in class and her smiles on the stage. Competitive dance has awarded her with overall winnings, scholarships and opportunities. Her dance journey has taught her to stay humble and hungry to improve. With the support of her family, studio and friends, Rebecca looks forward to this incredible opportunity to meet dancers from across the country, share her passion for dance and train with the KAR family. She'll meet you on the dance floor!

Averi Sylvester

Averi Sylvester is a 15-year-old sophomore from Riverside, California who began dancing 6 years ago. She dances competitively for Barre Dance Center and has been a member of the Barre dance family since the studio first opened. Averi trains in most forms of dance but especially enjoys contemporary. She continually strives to improve her technique and overall skills by taking a variety of master classes. Averi received her studio’s dancer of the year award in 2019 and was part of their national award-winning team for 2021. When not in a class of her own, Averi volunteers to help with summer dance camps and classes for the younger dancers at her studio.

Alana Taylor

My name is Alana Taylor, and I am from Saint Louis, Missouri. I dance at DK Dance Productions located in Missouri and have been dancing since the age of eight. I have experience in all styles of dance including, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, musical theater, acro, hip-hop, and tap. My favorite style of dance is hip-hop and jazz. Through dance, I have had the opportunity to receive numerous awards, recognitions, scholarships, travel, teach and more. I love dance! I always see opportunities to grow and become my best self. When I am not dancing, I love to hang out with my family and volunteer at Faith Church teaching kids during Sunday school. I am so honored and grateful to be a KAR Protégé.

Jessica Valine

Jessica has been dancing at Academy of Danse since 2006. Her mom put her into Tiny Tots as soon as she could. Jessica never stops dancing, even when she is out of class. She is always practicing on her own or with her sisters, who are both dance teachers/coaches. Jessica was on the pre-competition company for the 2014 season and has been a member of the competition company since 2015. She is currently a dancer in the highest level classes for every style offered at Academy of Danse including; Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, HipHop, Pointe, and technique class. Through the years of class, competitions, conventions, and growing up completely immersed in the dance world, she has learned so much and continues to do so everyday. Jessica loves passing down all that she has learned to her students, to help shape them into amazing dancers. Jessica is now a senior in high school and has learned how to manage her time between her schoolwork and her love and commitment to dance. Jessica is ready to jump headfirst into coaching her students and looks forward to having fun and creating an open and loving environment where everyone can share their passion for dance. She has watched and learned from her mom and her sisters as they all share the same passion for dance and creating an inclusive dance family.

Lucas Vazquez

Lucas is 14 yrs old from La Mirada, CA. He started dancing at the age of 4 recreationally and competing at the age of 6. He trains and represents Dance Star Academy of Performing Arts (DSAPA) in Yorba Linda, CA and loves his Dance Family. His favorite genres of dance is Jazz, contemporary and ballet. Lucas is proud to be one of the longest active cast members to The React Media on YouTube. He started off with Kids React at the age of 4 and has now moved on to Teens React. Another proud moment Lucas is very excited about is that he is the 1st dancer to make it on a National Gatorade Commercial and represent the Dance Community. His greatest accomplishment thus far is that he was able to compete in a dance reality show airing on a major TV Network that was filmed in Australia. On his spare time he loves being around his friends and family and enjoys amusement parks. Lucas is looking forward to representing all dancers and the KAR community this year as a Protégés and being an example that hard works pays off.

Kaitlyn Vlacich

Kaitlyn is a 16 year old dancer from Long Island, New York. She has been training at Dance Elektra since the age of 2 and competing since the age of 5. Kaitlyn enjoys every style of dance, but her favorites are tap and contemporary. Throughout her competition career she has won many overalls and titles and continues to light up the stage with her powerful performances. Kaitlyn had the extreme pleasure of tap dancing in the 2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade along with being featured on the Today Show with a small group of other tap dancers. She has recently been accepted as a new member of the American Tap Company. She is also proud to have been a top 20 soloist of the entire 2021 Revolution Regional Tour. She enjoys student teaching with the staff at Dance Elektra and she recently had the privilege to begin teaching her own class. She loves attending dance conventions and having the opportunity to learn from master teachers from all over the country. She cannot wait to get to assist the KAR faculty this season and she is looking forward to dancing with everyone!

Rachel Wang

Rachael Wang is 14 years old and has been dancing since she was 5 years old. Rachael dances at Jorday Rivera’s Dance Studio, in NY. She enjoys all styles of dance, especially lyrical and contemporary. She has won many scholarships, judges’ awards, titles, and top scores. She enjoys working with her teammates, as well as performing her solos. Dance has taught her how to work hard, and to maintain a balance between her school, dance and social life. Rachael is so excited for this opportunity as a KAR Protégé, and looks forward to dance with everyone!

Jacee Weiss

Jacee is a 16 year old dancer from Jacksonville IL. She is a sophomore in high school, and has been dancing at Sara’s Studio of Dance since the age of three. She has been apart of their dance competition team since 5th grade, and has also appeared in the Springfield Ballet Nutcracker. While she dances at Sara’s, she also helps assist with the younger ones. Jacee does all styles of dance, but her favorites are contemporary and hip-hop. Besides being at the studio, Jacee enjoys spending time with friends, shopping, and playing with her dogs. She is so excited to be apart of the 2022 program, and can’t wait to meet the other protégés.

Lola Zieleniewski

Lola Zieleniewski, age 13, is an All Star Worlds dance team member, competitive dancer and an All Star cheerleader at Linsey’s Cheer and Dance Center in Shelby Township, Michigan. Lola’s fun, energetic dance style and her dynamic stage presence makes her shine as a performer. Lola specializes in jazz, acro, pointe, ballet, hip-hop, lyrical, as well as musical theater. Lola has performed in The Nutcracker Ballet, been featured in various magazines, and has trained with top choreographers in the country. She has won many first place overalls, Titles, scholarships and opportunities. Lola has been dancing since she was two years old and loves all kinds of music. In her spare time, Lola loves to tumble and spend time with friends, family and her two rescue pups named Paco and Pedro. Lola is extremely honored to be a KAR Protégé and very proud to represent KAR across the United States this year.