The KAR Pro:tégé Program is designed with four distinct levels to cater to the diverse aspirations and skills of our dancers. Each tier offers a unique set of opportunities and rewards, progressively building upon the previous level. From foundational mentorship in the base Pro:tégé tier, to enhanced perks in Pro:tégé+, to the elite experiences of the Elite Pro:tégé, and finally the esteemed professional track in Pro:tégé Professional, every dancer finds their place. Dive in and discover where you fit in this journey of growth and excellence.

KAR Pro:tégé

 Mentorship by Nancy O'Meara
 VIP Event in Anaheim, CA
 Lunch at events, swag bag, headshots
 Iconic KAR Pro:tégé Jacket
 Attend 3 KAR Conventions for free

KAR Pro:tégé+

 All Pro:tégé benefits plus:
 Priority Registration
 Attend 4 KAR Conventions for free
 Complimentary hotel room for 1 night if 40+ miles away
 Iconic KAR Pro:tégé+ Jacket

KAR Elite Pro:tégé

 All Pro:tégé+ benefits plus:
 $450 Flight Stipend
 Attend Every Convention Weekend for free
 Complimentary hotel room for 1 night if 40+ miles away
 Iconic KAR Elite Pro:tégé Jacket

KAR Pro:tégé Professional

 All Elite Pro:tégé benefits plus:
 Complimentary Flights
 Monetary Compensation
 Custom Internship
 Attend Every Convention for free
 Iconic KAR Pro:tégé Professional Jacket

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