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Britney Hall

Alexandria, VA

Meet Britney Hall, the newest addition to our KAR Convention faculty!

Originally from Alexandria, Virginia, Britney Hall pursued her passion for dance at Columbia College Chicago, where she specialized in Commercial Dance. After completing her studies, she made the move to Los Angeles to kick-start her professional dance career.

Britney has achieved remarkable success in the industry, including dancing at The 61st Grammy Awards and performing alongside artists like Ariana Grande. Her impressive resume also features collaborations with renowned figures such as Paula Abdul, Cierra Ramirez, and Paulina Rubio. Notably, Britney had the privilege of touring with European sensation Helene Fischer, showcasing her talent on various TV shows throughout the journey.

With credits spanning across television networks like Nickelodeon, Disney, TLC, Freeform, Netflix, and ZDF Germany, Britney has established herself as a versatile and sought-after dancer. Her portfolio extends to commercials for brands like Intel and Barefoot, as well as appearances in a Super Bowl commercial alongside P.Diddy and Drake.

Britney's versatility shines through in her music video appearances for artists such as Beyoncé, Walk The Moon, and Bella Thorne. Beyond dance, Britney is also a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, dedicated to empowering others to reach their full potential.

Joining the KAR Convention family, Britney is thrilled to share her expertise and inspire the next generation of dancers. She looks forward to fostering creativity, passion, and growth within the dance community while continuing to be inspired by the incredible talent around her.