Hollind Hardy grew up in California and Texas where she found a love for dancing, singing, and acting. Growing up as a competitive dancer she was trained in multiple styles including jazz, ballet, contemporary, musical theater, etc... but soon found her niche in tap dancing. After high school she joined a professional company, Rhythmic Souls Tap Company, where she was able to teach at multiple dance studios throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, educating to students of all ages. During this time Hollind was able to take classes and learn from world renowned tap dancers such as Anthony Morigerato, Nick Dinicolangelo, Acia Gray, and many more. Once relocated to Los Angeles in 2019 she began to take professional classes with Rhythmatic Tap Co. and trained in multiple styles at Edge Performing Arts Center and other studios. She also began working for Kids Artistic Revue as an emcee, where she travels nationally working dance events. Currently Hollind is back in Dallas/Fort Worth where she continues to train, teach, choreograph, and take every possible opportunity to refine her skills and help her students learn in a safe and dedicated environment.