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Las Vegas, NV (Blue Room) – Title Competition Results Are In!

Blue Room

Hello There!

I’m here in the Blue Room for our Las Vegas, Nevada KAR 2017 National Dance Finals! The heat is on.. And no, I am not talking about the 100-degree weather. I’m referring to the dancers who are bringing the fire to the stage and burning up the dance floor!!!! We look forward to Finals in Las Vegas every year because it’s one of the most talented cities we visit, and this year was no exception. All week the competition has been fierce, but the dancers were really fighting on our Title Competition night. What an honor it is to become one of our National Titleholders! Only 8 dancers are selected to represent us as our National winners for the upcoming season. 116 dancers left it all out on the floor in hopes of becoming our new national champions. So who will be our new Miss Petite, Miss Junior Dance America, Miss Teen Dance America, and Miss Dance America?!?

We had to close the auditorium after morning competition so that we could reset the stage for title. Even after a long day, dancers and parents were eager to return because they were patiently waiting outside our doors 30 minutes before they opened! Opening the doors was like Christmas morning…Everyone rushed in to find the perfect seat! Once the auditorium was full and the dancers were ready, our Title Competition officially began! As a special way to begin the competition, all 116 dancers entered the stage two at a time, getting a couple seconds to feature themselves. We could tell the talent was going to be top notch just from the opening ceremony.

After 6 hours of mind blowing performances, it was finally time for the moment we all were waiting for…CROWNING!!!!

Please join me in congratulating our new Mr. and Miss Petite Maddox Ellison and Kendyl Fay, new Miss Junior Dance America Michelle Cheng, Miss Teen Dance America Ansley Hare, and, finally our new Mr. and Miss Dance America Gino Cosculluela and Kristen Scott. These dancers have worked so hard on their award winning routines and it shows! Congratulations!

The Title Competition is a great way to top of an exciting Finals Week. We love watching these soloists pour everything into their performance for a chance to be one of our National Titleholders. To be eligible to compete for a National Title you must qualify at one of our exciting regional competitions. Find out more here.

In the meantime, check out the opening intro video below!

To see the photos and videos please visit our store media here.


Las Vegas, NV (Purple Room) – Title Competition Results Are In!

Hey y’all!

It’s Lara here! And as I am typing this our Las Vegas Purple Room National Title Contest is happening! Nuts, right?! People! The talent we are seeing on this KAR stage is blowing me right out of my seat! There are 84 dancers taking our stage with one dream! To be our next Miss Dance America!

In Las Vegas, things can get a lil crazy! For those of you who don’t know, we run two competitions here in Las Vegas at the same time and in the same room. Hence the Blue and Purple Room mess you’ve been seeing on Instagram. It may sound unconventional, but we promise it works! So, we cleared the Purple Room as best we could to give our staff time to reset the stage, tech a couple of things (like videos and music), and then the night was off promptly at 5:00 pm!

When I say it was a rush, know I mean a rush of the family, friends, teachers and directors all in a mad dash to claim their territory. AKA: The Best Seats in the House. Thankfully for our teachers, we block off the first 3 rows in the center of our seating area special for them.

After a wonderful night full of breathtaking talent and show-stopping entertainment the judges were faced with the difficult decision of determining our next Mr. and Miss Petite America, Mr. and Miss Junior Dance America, Mr. and Miss Teen Dance America, and Mr. and Miss Dance America. So, without further adue, I have the honor of introducing you to your new Vegas Purple Room National Titleholders!

Please join me in congratulating our new Miss Petite Gracyn French, new Mr. and Miss Junior Dance America Airean Raguindin and Brooke Ottaway, Mr. and Miss Teen Dance America Diego Gonzalez and Madeline Underwood, and, finally our new Mr. and Miss Dance America Jared Stern and Zoe Beacham. These dancers have worked so hard on their award winning routines and it shows! Congratulations!

In the meantime, check out the opening intro video below!

To see the photos and videos please visit our store media here.




We’re coming to you live from our Toledo Ohio National Finals! Words cannot describe how exciting this week has been. One of our most riveting nights is, hands down, our Title Competition because the talent and showmanship is just out of this world. We had 61 contestants hoping to walk away with the title of Miss Dance America, Miss Teen Dance America, Miss Junior Dance America, and Miss Petite Dance along with the male counterparts.

We closed the auditorium after an exciting morning of group performances to get our stage prepped and ready. This way each of our title performers can shine bright on the KAR National stage. The excitement of evening began promptly with parents and teachers rushing into the auditorium in search of the best seat to watch their dancer light up the stage.

Our exciting opening number gave us a chance to see what moves the dancers love and a glimpse of the amazing talent to come. We learned so much about our dancers and their personality: like who inspires them and of course their favorite Disney Character. After each competitor performed their award winning routines it was time for the crownings!

We would like to congratulate all of our new National Titleholders on this incredible feat. So join me in saying congratulations to our new Miss Petite: Reagan Burgess, Miss Junior: Paisley French, Mr. Junior: Brendan Farris, Miss Teen: Olivia Beauchamp, Mr. Teen: Nick Farris, Miss Dance; Mackenzie Belange! Sometimes the trophies and crowns were taller than the dancers (can you believe it?). However, we felt it was only appropriate for the royalty that we were fortunate enough to see tonight.

Congrats, again to all of our New National Titleholders!


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