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About KAR - History

Kids Artistic Revue has proudly been in business for over three decades and continues to push the envelope as a cutting-edge production company in the dance competition industry. Noah Lands, CEO of Kids Artistic Revue, decided to create this business 33 years ago after he attended a local dance competition, and it was there when the bright lightbulb turned on. He believed he can produce the same type of event, but BETTER. Today, KAR tours to over 30 states and 60 cities, producing high quality world-class events that provide dancers, teachers, and parents with long-lasting memories and unforgettable experiences.

But let’s throw it back to the beginning…

Humble Beginnings

The business of Kids Artistic Revue worked out of the comfort of a bedroom for the first 3 years with only 2 employees. The company’s first office workplace was located in Downey in the back area of a dance studio with zero computers, where all registration was handled via telephone communication, notes were taken by hand, and messages were sent through snail mail. In their very first year, the tour consisted of 6 competitions in California. The original KAR competitions were a one-day event which took place on Sundays with the maximum of 120 acts per show. To organize the event schedule, the team would gather all of the registered acts and would put together a handwritten list which  would be passed on a typist who would then type up the entire event schedule. Competitions were usually located  in hotel ballrooms with a quaint setup of merchandise and a stage where the Master of Ceremonies stood to announce all acts to the stage.

Technical Transitions

The tour continued to grow. Although taking on over 40 cities for regionals and adding a National competition to the season was quite an achievement, there was still so much potential and development to come. Photographers and videographers were added to the team to capture high-quality moments that the guests could purchase, which were available only on VHS. Then, the company made the wise decision to computerize their workflow. Gone were the days of paper score sheets, handwritten schedules, and other time-consuming tasks. Once KAR decided to go digital, they really set themselves apart in the competition industry by innovation and efficiency.

Present-day Pride

Today, KAR continues to pride itself in its visually-appealing presentation, cutting-edge technological leadership, and cultivating outstanding customer service.

Core Values