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About KAR - History

For over 35 years, Kids Artistic Revue has proudly served the dance community, producing world class competitions and setting the industry standard, truly earning the title of “America’s Favorite Dance Competition” Today, KAR brings over 89 Regional competitions and 6 National Finals across the nation. We are honored to be a positive outlet where dedication, talent, and accomplishments are proudly celebrated.

In the beginning, Kids Artistic Revue worked out of the home of owner and CEO Noah Lands for the first 3 years with only 2 employees. The company’s first office workplace was located in Downey in the back area of a dance studio with no computers, and all registration was handled via telephone and regular post mail. In their very first year, the tour consisted of 6 competitions in California. The original KAR competitions were a one-day event which took place on Sundays with a maximum of 120 acts per show. Competitions were usually located in hotel ballrooms with a very small setup of merchandise and a stage where the Master of Ceremonies stood to announce all acts to the stage.

As the tour continued to grow, professional photographers and videographers were added along with technical advancements such as digital score sheets and computer registration. KAR has become and helps set the industry standards, from beautiful stages that will be shared by thousands of performers who will all have their moment to shine in a positive, rewarding, and exhilarating setting to fantastic awards that honor the achievements of teachers, choreographers and dancers.

KAR has grown from a small, family company to a thriving and successful business that employs over 20 full time staff members and over 150 “road warrior” team members. We are honored to be a part of so many dancer’s history and continue to look forward to the future!

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