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Results & Highlights - TOLEDO - TITLE - 6/27/2010

  • Mr. Petite

    Mr. Petite – #8 Shoeless Joe Candy Apple's Dance Center Justice Mccort

    Miss Petite

    Miss Petite – #6 Witch Doctor C & C Dance Co Laney Puhalla
    1st Runner Up – #4 Like To Fuss SYNERGYtech Jazz Co. Faith Wanninger
    2nd Runner Up – #5 Oh So Quiet SYNERGYtech Jazz Co. Grace Wanninger
    3rd Runner Up – #2 Practically Perfect Candy Apple's Dance Center Hanah Cuerbo
    4th Runner Up – #7 The Killer Bee C & C Dance Co Sophie Schneider

    Mr. Junior Dance

    Mr. Junior Dance – #19 All I Need Is The Girl Candy Apple's Dance Center Darius Stokes

    Miss Junior Dance

    Miss Junior Dance – #14 Wild Child SYNERGYtech Jazz Co. Amelia Wood
    1st Runner Up – #18 Sweet Georgia Brown C & C Dance Co Olivia Garner
    2nd Runner Up – #17 I'm A Big Girl Now Tina Marie school of dance Gabriella Zacharias
    3rd Runner Up – #13 If My Friends Could See Me Now Miss Lore's Dance Rage Anna Stark
    4th Runner Up – #10 Fan Tan Fannie Karen's School of Dance Becca Mcauliffe

    Mr. Teen Dance

    Mr. Teen Dance – #39 Tapped Out James Dance & Perf. Arts Center Adam Wheeler

    Miss Teen Dance

    Miss Teen Dance – #35 Busted Miss Lore's Dance Rage Stevie Dore
    1st Runner Up – #29 Beauty In Walking Away Tina Marie school of dance Paige Willming
    2nd Runner Up – #25 Girl's Best Friend SYNERGYtech Jazz Co. Olivia Wood
    3rd Runner Up – #32 Fallen Awake Tina Marie school of dance Haley Francuch
    4th Runner Up – #34 Keep It Jumpin Kathy's Dance Co. Antonia Cecchini

    Miss Dance

    Miss Dance – #54 Swans Dancer's Edge Studio Dianne Clouse
    1st Runner Up – #52 Dreamer James Dance & Perf. Arts Center Ashley Hoolihan
    2nd Runner Up – #46 Tweeter James Dance & Perf. Arts Center Alaina Hoolihan
    3rd Runner Up – #50 She Dances C & C Dance Co Allison Chambers
    4th Runner Up – #49 Without A Sound Tina Marie school of dance Ashley Willming
  • Outstanding Performance Winners

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