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Results & Highlights - LAS VEGAS TITLE - PURPLE ROOM - 7/6/2010

  • Mr. Petite

    Mr. Petite – #28 Just Can't Wait Temecula Dance Company Gabriel De Guzman
    1st Runner Up – #27 Mr. Big Stuff Temecula Dance Company Jadon Rivas

    Miss Petite

    Miss Petite – #1 Hey Daddy San Diego Dance Centre Sophia Lucia
    1st Runner Up – #14 Raise The Roof Murrieta Dance Project Talia Seitel
    2nd Runner Up – #17 Blow Gabriel Blow Temecula Dance Company Gracie Haschak
    3rd Runner Up – #20 If They Could See Me Now Murrieta Dance Project Britney Haire
    4th Runner Up – #26 Sophia's Variation The Dance Spot Sophia Frilot

    Mr. Junior Dance

    Mr. Junior Dance – #69 Better Man Murrieta Dance Project Justin Pham

    Miss Junior Dance

    Miss Junior Dance – #56 All That Jazz West Coast School Of The Arts Brandy Baker
    1st Runner Up – #45 Because Of You Just Plain Dancin' Taylor Valadez
    2nd Runner Up – #66 Let Yourself Go San Diego Dance Centre Kylie Yamane
    3rd Runner Up – #33 Lamentation Murrieta Dance Project Brianna Haire
    4th Runner Up – #62 Some Day My Prince Will Come Temecula Dance Company Sophia Mladineo

    Miss Teen Dance

    Miss Teen Dance – #87 I Gotcha Ignite Dance Valerie Gaitan
    1st Runner Up – #70 Moving Uptown Ignite Dance Taylor Williams
    2nd Runner Up – #85 Breakable No Limits Dance Company Haley Rutherford
    3rd Runner Up – #92 You All Believe The Dance Spot Karah DelCont
    4th Runner Up – #79 You Could Drive A Person Crazy Murrieta Dance Project Jasmine Pham

    Miss Dance

    Miss Dance – #101 Stay West Coast School Of The Arts Julianne Jouglard
    1st Runner Up – #112 Take It All The Dance Spot Alexandra Yonkovich
    2nd Runner Up – #105 Stay Ignite Dance Kayla Dufour
    3rd Runner Up – #111 Roxie Temecula Dance Company Heather Blum
    4th Runner Up – #118 Passage Yoko's Dance & Perf. Arts Academy Hannie Dong
  • Outstanding Performance Winners

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