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Results & Highlights - LAS VEGAS TITLE - BLUE ROOM - 7/6/2010

  • Miss Petite

    Miss Petite – #3 Fly To Your Heart Pacific Dance Megan Goldstein
    1st Runner Up – #4 Tell Me Something Dance Fusion Julianna Laxague
    2nd Runner Up – #2 Wild One Dance Fusion Danika Humphries
    3rd Runner Up – #1 Jump Shout Boogie The Dance Shop Shaina Maffei

    Mr. Junior Dance

    Mr. Junior Dance – #14 Gel KKDC Dance Logan Grizzle

    Miss Junior Dance

    Miss Junior Dance – #5 Variation From Harlequinade C S D A Sofia Deleon
    1st Runner Up – #8 Sunshine MNR Dance Factory Julia Franzese
    2nd Runner Up – #13 Lullaby KKDC Dance Mackenzie Kingsley
    3rd Runner Up – #7 Tiny Dancer MNR Dance Factory Rhiannon Wryn
    4th Runner Up – #11 Wild Wild Party Dance Fusion Alyssia Mancha

    Mr. Teen Dance

    Mr. Teen Dance – #26 Come Home Denver Dance Starz Kadin Mestas

    Miss Teen Dance

    Miss Teen Dance – #23 Where Ever He Ain't Dance Fusion Mashae Graham
    1st Runner Up – #24 The Chain Rochester School of Dance Elizabeth Yanick
    2nd Runner Up – #25 My Story Rochester School of Dance Rebecca Corrigan
    3rd Runner Up – #17 When You Know Dance Fusion Jaycie Seta
    4th Runner Up – #20 The Rose Denver Dance Starz Emma Page

    Mr. Dance

    Mr. Dance – #42 Framed MNR Dance Factory Jacob Jonas

    Miss Dance

    Miss Dance – #37 How It Ends MNR Dance Factory Renee Stewart
    1st Runner Up – #36 Beauty Lies In The End MNR Dance Factory Nicole Harris
    2nd Runner Up – #29 Gone MNR Dance Factory Hunter Wryn
    3rd Runner Up – #28 I Wanna Hold Your Hand MNR Dance Factory Jill Wilson
    4th Runner Up – #35 Sweet Dreams Denver Dance Starz Karlie Mestas
  • Outstanding Performance Winners

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