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Results & Highlights - LAS VEGAS, NV - BLUE - TITLE - 7/9/2014

  • Mr. Petite

    Mr. Petite – #28 A Brain Cutting Edge Dance Center Colby Piattoni

    Miss Petite

    Miss Petite – #26 Song Bird West Coast School Of The Arts Brooke Shaw
    1st Runner Up – #11 Big Noise The Element Dance Center Katie Albright
    2nd Runner Up – #14 I Will Always Love You Club Dance Brooklin Cooley
    3rd Runner Up – #27 We Got The Beat The Dance Spot Isabella Warfield
    4th Runner Up – #13 Halllijuia Club Dance Alexis Adair

    Mr. Junior Dance

    Mr. Junior Dance – #56 Just Justin Yoko's Dance & Perf. Arts Academy Justin Renaud
    1st Runner Up – #55 Crazy Little Huey Pacific Dance Dawson Walker

    Miss Junior Dance

    Miss Junior Dance – #38 Your Song West Coast School Of The Arts Emmy Cheung
    1st Runner Up – #34 I Know The Truth The Dance Spot Sophia Frilot
    2nd Runner Up – #35 Work The Dance Spot Grecia Cruz
    3rd Runner Up – #31 Broadway Baby Cutting Edge Dance Center Miranda Kotero
    4th Runner Up – #52 Grace Ignite Dance Lexi Desko

    Mr. Teen Dance

    Mr. Teen Dance – #95 In The Embers Cutting Edge Dance Center Jacob Piattoni
    1st Runner Up – #92 The Greatest Love Of All Pacific Dance Evan Guinet
    2nd Runner Up – #94 Raw And Awake Cutting Edge Dance Center Jonathan Estrada
    3rd Runner Up – #93 Dr. Bones Innovation Dance Company Noah Montella

    Miss Teen Dance

    Miss Teen Dance – #84 Another Level Club Dance Kalani Hilliker
    1st Runner Up – #64 Sing It Back West Coast School Of The Arts Malia Asahino
    2nd Runner Up – #72 Who I Am West Coast School Of The Arts Lauren Shaw
    3rd Runner Up – #88 I Have Nothing The Element Dance Center Kristen Scott
    4th Runner Up – #86 Heart Of Stone Cutting Edge Dance Center Gigi Gomez

    Miss Dance

    Miss Dance – #112 Latch Club Dance Addison Moffett
    1st Runner Up – #98 "First Time" West Coast School Of The Arts Jennie Palomo
    2nd Runner Up – #109 Butter Cutting Edge Dance Center Joelle Douge
    3rd Runner Up – #103 One Moment In Time The Element Dance Center Amanda Ocampo
    4th Runner Up – #96 Vienna The Element Dance Center Caitlin Baum

    Mr. Dance

    Mr. Dance – #117 Zombie Innovation Dance Company Ryan Trotman
  • Outstanding Performance Winners

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