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Results & Highlights - LAS VEGAS, NV - PURPLE - TITLE - 7/9/2014

  • Mr. Petite

    Mr. Petite – #20 Ya'll Don't Know Me Gotta Dance Academy Blake Hendericks
    1st Runner Up – #19 Bad To The Bone The Center Stage Studio Jonah Smith
    2nd Runner Up – #18 Play The Beat Gotta Dance Academy Isaac Hannas

    Miss Petite

    Miss Petite – #10 Wild Child Gotta Dance Academy Isabella Holguin
    1st Runner Up – #15 Hound Dog Angela's Flip Zone Daylyn Lucky
    2nd Runner Up – #1 I Put A Spell On You Gotta Dance Academy Jaelyn Prevost
    3rd Runner Up – #4 Diva Gotta Dance Academy Natalia Fletes
    4th Runner Up – #11 The Prayer C & C Dance Co Alyssa Knott

    Mr. Junior Dance

    Mr. Junior Dance – #36 Latch Denver Dance Starz Zach Cordova
    1st Runner Up – #35 Green Eggs And Ham The Center Stage Studio Jarod Smith

    Miss Junior Dance

    Miss Junior Dance – #24 Ooh Child Star Steppers Dance Studio Charlotte Junge
    1st Runner Up – #30 Year Of Grace Gotta Dance Academy Klaire Wolkensdorfer
    2nd Runner Up – #31 Serpent C & C Dance Co Layla Nordrum
    3rd Runner Up – #34 Caged Gotta Dance Academy Delany Dyer
    4th Runner Up – #25 Dream Innovation Dance Company Danika Humphries

    Mr. Teen Dance

    Mr. Teen Dance – #49 I Won't Give Up Diana's Dance Company Johnathan Welch

    Miss Teen Dance America

    Miss Teen Dance America – #47 Wherever You Go Gotta Dance Academy Halle Dyer
    1st Runner-Up – #37 The Last Breath Artistry in Motion Performing Arts Center Sophie Baldwin
    2nd Runner-Up – #38 Kiss Gotta Dance Academy Lucy Garcia
    3rd Runner-Up – #43 Shelter Artistry in Motion Performing Arts Center Kaela Nancolas
    4th Runner-Up – #46 Bravado All That Dance Emmalee Evans

    Miss Dance America

    Miss Dance America – #54 Unfortunate Gotta Dance Academy Caitlin Cauffiel
    1st Runner-Up – #57 Fragment Artistry in Motion Performing Arts Center Allie Giroux
    2nd Runner-Up – #59 Can't Help Falling In Love With You Shelly True Dance Academy Shannon Curry
    3rd Runner-Up – #55 Bring On The Men Innovation Dance Company Alyssia Mancha
    4th Runner-Up – #56 I'm Sorry C & C Dance Co Emilie Rogofsky
  • Outstanding Performance Winners

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