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Results & Highlights - Panama City, FL National Title - 6/21/2018

  • Miss Petite

    Miss Petite – #6 Broadway Banana The Dance Company Riley Lott
    1st Runner Up – #3 Lost To The Pointe Academy of Dance Baylee Badeaux
    2nd Runner Up – #5 River God The Dance Company Corynn Lott
    3rd Runner Up – #1 Born To Entertain Just off Broadway Zoe Swope
    4th Runner Up – #2 We Could Be My Girls Dance Center Lori Byars
    5th Runner Up – #4 Betty Boop The Dance Company Lily Mcdade

    Mr. Junior Dance

    Mr. Junior Dance – #17 Cutie Pie 360 Dance Vaughn Ramirez

    Miss Junior Dance

    Miss Junior Dance – #12 Unstoppable Just off Broadway Piper Conner
    1st Runner Up – #9 All That Jazz Just off Broadway Abigail Riester
    2nd Runner Up – #8 L'horloge Miami Valley Dance Center Madelyn Stankas
    3rd Runner Up – #13 The Hotel Hallelujah Judy Dollenmayer Studio of Dance Olivia Jordan
    4th Runner Up – #11 Skeletons Just off Broadway Tabbi Courts
    5th Runner Up – #10 Don't Rain On My Parade The Dance Company Zaida Dison

    Miss Teen Dance

    Miss Teen Dance – #21 Survive Holly's Dance Selah Bunkers
    1st Runner Up – #19 Rhythm Is A Dancer Miami Valley Dance Center Julia Stultz
    2nd Runner Up – #20 To The Wonder Starr Dance Studio Amelia Claunch
    3rd Runner Up – #18 Unstoppable Dreamz Dance Company Gracie Boehnlein

    Miss Dance

    Miss Dance – #22 Ribcage Southern Sensations Dance Studio Sarah Bryan
    1st Runner Up – #28 Cage Of Bones Starr Dance Studio Karli O' Connell
    2nd Runner Up – #26 On The Boogie Judy Dollenmayer Studio of Dance Emma Mackessy
    3rd Runner Up – #24 Silk The Dance Connection Natalie Meloche
    4th Runner Up – #23 Good To Be Alive Just off Broadway Joelle Betscher
    5th Runner Up – #27 Dontcha Come Back Judy Dollenmayer Studio of Dance Cassidy Ryan

    Mr. Dance

    Mr. Dance – #29 Not Holding Back Miami Valley Dance Center Grant Shaffer
  • Outstanding Performance Winners

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