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Panama City, FL – Title Competition Results Are In!

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Hey Y’all!

I’m writing you live from our Panama City Dance Finals! Let me tell you it has been a week of fun and dance! But, one of our most exciting and nail-biting nights was our Title Competition Wednesday night. 88 hopeful contestants would compete for 4 coveted titles of Miss Petite, Miss Junior Dance America, Miss Teen Dance America, and Miss Dance America; while 7 dancers would compete for the male counterpart.

We closed the auditorium so we could quickly reset the stage and make sure everything was in its place. When we opened doors at 5:30 pm eager parents, dancers, and teachers rushed through our doors to quickly grab programs and seats! Soon thereafter we enjoyed the opening ceremony and watched the dancers rock the stage while learning a little about them! Like what their favorite pet is and who inspires them! Then it was time for the crownings!

We want to say congratulations to all of our new National Titleholders! Say hello to Mr. and Miss Petite Dance America Tanner Smith and Macy Waters, Mr. and Miss Junior Dance America Zane Strait and Avery Wyatt, Mr. and Miss Teen Dance America Tyler Tuska and Ciera Hines, and finally Mr. and Miss Dance America Courtland Carr and Saydi Arms. These soloists left it all on stage in and told a story with each performance. We LOVED watching them shine. Kinda like their crowns and HOLY WOW did we go a little overboard with the crowns this year. You know what they say? The higher the crown the closer to God and the winners didn’t seem to mind too much.

The Title Competition is a great way to top of an exciting Finals Week. We love watching these soloists pour everything into their performance for a chance to be one of our National Titleholders. To be eligible to compete for a National Title you must qualify at one of our exciting regional competitions. Find out more here.

In the meantime, check out the opening intro video below!

To see the photos and videos please visit our store media here.


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