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Las Vegas, NV (Purple Room) – Title Competition Results Are In!

Hey y’all!

It’s Lara here! And as I am typing this our Las Vegas Purple Room National Title Contest is happening! Nuts, right?! People! The talent we are seeing on this KAR stage is blowing me right out of my seat! There are 84 dancers taking our stage with one dream! To be our next Miss Dance America!

In Las Vegas, things can get a lil crazy! For those of you who don’t know, we run two competitions here in Las Vegas at the same time and in the same room. Hence the Blue and Purple Room mess you’ve been seeing on Instagram. It may sound unconventional, but we promise it works! So, we cleared the Purple Room as best we could to give our staff time to reset the stage, tech a couple of things (like videos and music), and then the night was off promptly at 5:00 pm!

When I say it was a rush, know I mean a rush of the family, friends, teachers and directors all in a mad dash to claim their territory. AKA: The Best Seats in the House. Thankfully for our teachers, we block off the first 3 rows in the center of our seating area special for them.

After a wonderful night full of breathtaking talent and show-stopping entertainment the judges were faced with the difficult decision of determining our next Mr. and Miss Petite America, Mr. and Miss Junior Dance America, Mr. and Miss Teen Dance America, and Mr. and Miss Dance America. So, without further adue, I have the honor of introducing you to your new Vegas Purple Room National Titleholders!

Please join me in congratulating our new Miss Petite Gracyn French, new Mr. and Miss Junior Dance America Airean Raguindin and Brooke Ottaway, Mr. and Miss Teen Dance America Diego Gonzalez and Madeline Underwood, and, finally our new Mr. and Miss Dance America Jared Stern and Zoe Beacham. These dancers have worked so hard on their award winning routines and it shows! Congratulations!

In the meantime, check out the opening intro video below!

To see the photos and videos please visit our store media here.


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