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Phone SCAM Alert

Attention KAR Studios!

It has come to our attention by the Executive Director of the Association of Dance Conventions & Competitions that someone is running a SCAM on our industry and we wanted to make sure our valued clients and studios were alerted immediately.

“Please be alerted, someone is contacting dance studios via a phone call and telling them their payments are not going through on behalf of a certain competition (woman who said her name was Tanya) and that they need to provide bank routing information or credit card information so their payments can be processed. Studios may mistake this call for thinking it is KAR, when in fact they are providing the information to a third party.”

KAR has a special, unique phone access code that is used for the verification of your identity. This code was set when your studio account was created. KAR will always ask for this code when conducting financial transactions.

Please contact us immediately if you receive any suspicious calls.

Thank you and keep dancing!

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