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Discover the Magic of KAR Productions Dance Competitions!

🌟 Shine with Us at Our Premier Dance Events! 🌟

Every dance studio seeks the perfect stage to showcase their dancers’ talents, dedication, and passion. At KAR Productions, we promise not just a stage, but an experience that’s unparalleled in the world of dance competitions. We invite you to explore what makes each of our signature events a cut above the rest.

“Rolling In The Deep” K2 Studios

🎉 KIDS ARTISTIC REVUE (KAR)America’s Favorite Dance Competition
Since its inception in 1981, KAR has set the gold standard in the dance competition industry. Offering five levels of competition in over 80 locations annually, KAR ensures every dancer gets their moment in the spotlight. Backed by constructive feedback from top-tier judges, dancers refine their craft while enjoying a competition environment that feels like home. And for those looking to spread their wings, our international tour in Australia awaits!

🌈 RAINBOW – The Dance Competition With Heart
Rainbow isn’t just another dance competition; it’s a celebration of every dancer’s unique journey and spirit. From special awards such as the Al Gilbert Award for tap dancers to the heartwarming Mascot award for outstanding young talents, Rainbow cherishes every performer’s passion. Dive into the world of Rainbow and let your heart dance its true colors. And don’t forget, our international tour in Australia beckons!

“Bleu” Kast Academy of the Arts

ULTRA – Where Champions Are Made
Ultra is where innovation meets tradition. With Olympic-style scoring, instant feedback, and top-notch technology, it’s not just a dance competition; it’s a revolution. Watch your dancers become the artists and athletes they were born to be, supported by state-of-the-art lighting and sound that makes every performance unforgettable.

Embark on a Journey Beyond Ordinary with KAR Productions!
As a dance studio owner, choosing the right competition for your dancers is paramount. Our diverse range of brands ensures that there’s a perfect fit for every dancer, every style, and every ambition. When your dancers shine on our stage, their smiles, their confidence, and their achievements reflect the combined dedication of our teams and yours.

Every performance, every critique, and every award at a KAR Productions event is an opportunity for growth, joy, and memories that last a lifetime. So, don’t just dance—shine with us!

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