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Independent Solo Virtual Competition

Independent soloists are dancers that are not officially already affiliated with a dance studio. All registration MUST take place through an approved INDEPENDENT ACCOUNT: Create Account.

** If your studio has closed or impacted due to COVID-19 and you would like to join us for Virtual Nationals please contact, Meghan Swan at **



  1. Sign into your INDEPENDENT ACCOUNT
  2. Click On ENTRY FEES to see the 2020 Virtual Competition and Registration Fees
  3. VERIFY mailing address Information - Be sure your mailing address is correct as all awards will be shipped directly to the address on file.
  4. Add Performances to the Virtual National Dance Finals
  5. Once all performances are registered, click on Music Manager & Virtual Competition Video Uploads to upload your video files
  6. Video File Requirements - MP4 file with a maximum file size of 500MB
  7. A tentative schedule will be sent the Friday prior to the event by 4pm PST
  8. Deadlines for Video Uploads and ANY performance changes are Tuesday at 7pm PST before the Virtual Event
  9. A Final Schedule will be emailed to you the on Wednesday the week of the event by 12 noon PST


  1. The Digital Program will be available for ALL to download 1 day prior to the start of the Virtual Competition. Please sign up for your digital program at
  2. To View the LIVE VIRTUAL COMPETITION - go to Virtual Competition Theater.


  1. All Virtual Competitions will adhere to the 2020 KAR Rules and Regulations.
  2. Submissions can be recordings from ANY conventions/competitions, KAR or not. You may also use videos from recitals, showcases or any other performances or rehearsals. Recreational and professional settings accepted. Due to the Virtual environment, all Overall Appearance scores will be given an automatic score of 5 to make it fair for all participating studios. For Production performances, a perfect costume score (10) will also be given.
  3. All performances will be evaluated using the KAR Judging and Scoring criteria. Please review the KAR Rules and Regulations for more details
  4. We are only accepting Solos for the Virtual Independent competition.
  5. Please make sure your performances are family friendly!
  6. Independents are not permitted to enter the Virtual National Title Competition.
  7. Online Photogenic Contest registration can be entered through the Studio Center or Parent Centers. The price for photogenic entry is $25.


  1. Each performance will be adjudicated by a professional panel of five predetermined judges. We will drop the High and Low score and take the average of the three remaining scores to determine the overall winner and placement.
  2. General Awards placement will be posted on the results page. This will be a new tab added to our website results page. Only High Point Award and Photogenic awards will be presented during the LIVE awards presentation.
  3. All registered performances will receive Judges’ commentary and score sheets.
  4. Overall High Point awards will be presented in the respective Levels and Age Divisions. Independent Soloists will have their own category and will only compete against other Independent Soloists. All Independent Soloists will also have their own High Point Award Presentation in ALL respective Levels and Age Divisions.
  5. Award PINS will be presented and shipped for General Placement and High Point Awards.
  6. Junior and Senior Photogenic WINNERS will receive a custom plaque. These awards will also be mailed to the studio.

On behalf of the entire KAR family, we thank you for your continued support. We are honored to play a role in the lives of these dedicated and aspiring dancers. Together, we will create memories of a lifetime that will be cherished for years to come. Good luck in our FIRST ever Virtual National Dance Finals.

Any questions please reach out directly to Meghan Swan at

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